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These are some of the resources I’ve been using in my preparation. I’ve gleaned some good insight and inspiration from these.

Books ‘n blogs
The Good BadgerThe blog of Zach Davis, AT class of 2011. He’s got some great resources for thru-hikers, and is downright hilarious.

Appalachian TrialsAn amazing read for all thru-hikers. This is the brainchild of Zach Davis, and focuses on mental preparation for the trail to increase one’s chances of finishing. It also covers logistical concerns like gear, health, and so on.

Becoming OdyssaAnother pretty great read. This is an account of a thru-hike by Jennifer Pharr Davis. It’s given me a pretty decent idea of how I might feel at certain points in the journey. Her experiences are also pretty crazy, I must admit…

Previous hikers
Making MilesA couple of friends of mine took a walk on the PCT recently. This was their blog for that adventure.

Journey NorthI found this blog through a video that inspired my Imagining Katahdin post.

Springer FeverA friend’s thru-hike of the AT in ’08.

Fellow 2013′ers
Think I’ll Go On A Walk AboutThis is my buddy Kenny’s thru-hike blog. He’s encouraged me to do the trail every step of the way, and has been a tremendous help in my preparation. Thanks, dude.

Fun Sized Adventure



Leah’s Big Adventure

My Meandering Trail

TNT on the Trail

Walking Loon

Hiking the Trail

Acorn Hikes the AT

Whiteblaze.netA community of AT enthusiasts

Trail JournalsBackpacker blogs. I’ve met some thru-hikers who say they use it. So yeah.

TrailspaceA pretty great place for gear comparisons at a glance. Also lets you know just how many other things are out there for any given type of item.